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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Life Updates :)

Hey guys, hope your all having a good week :)

Thought I would do a little "non Make-up" related post, and don't worry my dog Snoop is fine, I just couldn't find a better picture to put in the post!! 

I'm currently on half term in between placements, so i've just been bumming around not doing much at all! I've been reading The Hunger Games books and went to see the first film yesterday, I absolutely love the books and I've been totally hooked in the thrilling story!

I went shopping today and got some birthday presents for my friend and a few new bits for myself. 

I'm going out this weekend for said birthday party and on Saturday with a friend which i'm pretty excited about since I haven't actually been out this year! :o 

Urgh and i've also been going to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 2 weeks "go me" i'm feeling great for doing it but it can be a chore! 

I hope everyone had a good Easter and don't find this change of post too boring !!


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