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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Make your own face scrub...

Hey how is your weekend going? I'm really enjoying chilling out and eating my cupcakes! 

I tried this DIY face scrub today after reading about it on Karen's blog-

Its so easy to do, you just mix up a bowl of brown sugar, honey and lemon juice. Its literally that easy, I didn't measure the amounts I just put them all in a little bowl until I liked the consistency. 

It worked really well, I'm pretty skint at the moment so I'm excited to try and make my own skincare products. They are more natural and obviously have no preservatives and added ingredients 'cos you have made them!

I used this scrub on my face, and my feet. I know a bit weird to do it on those parts, especially as they are so different. My face is reasonably soft and my feet are harder but it worked really well on both parts. I would seriously consider using more recipes for skincare products. 

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