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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Urban Decay (continued)

So in my previous post I mentioned my love for Urban Decay and how my collection has nearly doubled in size in the last year. Its a brand I really just can't fault, their products are amazing, such good quality, lovely colour pay off and never irritate or cause me any problems. I normally go to the Urban Decay store in House of Fraiser Norwich because its the closest and its pretty big. I now know the lovely lady who works there and I see her most times I pop in. She always remembers me and takes my details down to let me know of any new products or events!! 

I got the Naked palette a few months after it came out and fell in love, I honestly cannot believe how much I use this palette. Its famous as being the "best nude palette" so when I got the Naked 2 I wasn't holding out for much, how can you top the BEST nude palette. But they did! Naked 2 is a wonderful versatile palette with more matte shades and some lovely petrol coloured nudes. They are shades I didn't think I needed but now can't live without *maybe a bit of an exaggeration*. 

My friends bought me The Feminine Palette for my birthday and its brilliant, has a small selection of classic shades, great for travelling. I was given the Urban Decay Anniversary palette to try out and its another favourite palette for its mass selection of wonderful colours. 

Some of the extras are things I've picked up along the way and bought separately. The all nighter setting spray and the brushes were a much needed addition to my collection. 

No i'm not sponsored by Urban Decay or and i'm sure they don't read my blog but I really do love all their products and the only thing I can fault them with is that I don't have enough money to buy everything they make! 

:) xxx

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