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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A day in the life of a Student Nurse

Hey guys, something different today, I thought I would write something about being a student nurse. I'm in the end of my second year in the adult nursing diploma course now at my local university. I thought I would talk about what I do and how I feel about being a student nurse.

Lots of students are applying for university at the moment and I cannot recommend a better course or career than being a nurse. I love what I do, it does have its downfalls but as with any course nothing can be good all the time!

Nursing is something to go into if you want to help people, If you want to make a difference and try and help people at their most vulnerable time. I went into nursing because I wanted to be a midwife, and I was seen as too young to do the midwifery course, so I applied for the nursing course. When I went on the interview day I couldn't believe how much I wanted to be a nurse, all the myths had be cleared up and I couldn't imagine a better career to go into. So when I got on the course I was chuffed, I was excited for the next 3 years and how much I would learn. 

The course is hard, I'm not going to sugar coat it, its not something to go into lightly, you need to be really sure its what you want. As nurses, we look after people from young to old when they need us most. Dealing with the general population is difficult at the best of times, so when your caring for the general population when they are ill/sick/diseases/dying it can be challenging at the best of times. 

The reasons I love being a student nurse:

  • Its rewarding, helping save someone's life or preventing them from declining in their state of illness is the most rewarding thing out there!
  • The people you meet, patients/clients/service users are wonderful and full of life experience and amazing stories. 
  • The different things you get to do. I've used machines and bags to breath for someone (actually keeping them alive myself) seen some amazing wounds, used pretty amazing drugs, seen some incredible operations and looked after people at the end stage of their life. 
  • Learn the lingo, most people in health care say you can speak a different language when your a professional, its true! I think I speak English and nurse/doctor language! Ha
  • The different area's I can work in when I'm qualified, there are just so many different areas and branches of nursing, its wonderful the opportunities you get when you work in health care.

Some interesting facts about nurses/student nurses (these are general not necessarily the same for every nurse)

  • We can eat while talking about disgusting things like wounds, stoma's, bowel movements, vomit, blood and other quite gross things. 
  • We always think we are ill, especially student nurses, we learn about something and then think we have it. 
  • Think about us, caring for your loved ones and all the sick people while leaving our loved ones at home or often missing out on important moments in life. 
This is just my own opinions of nurses/student nurses and is not the thoughts/views of the NHS. 

I hope this opens your eyes to nurses! :D


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  1. Hello there! I am stoked! I found your blog before and I even commented that we have a similar blog name, Portable Sunshine. Then I see this post! I'm also a nursing student! (well, i graduated last march) and I also wear eyeglasses! The similarities kinda freaks me out lol. Hope we can talk more, here's my url: and you can email me at Hope to hear from you! :D